Welcome to the Heaven Sound website, a place focusing on the singing steel artwork of Jonathan Heaven, a skilled Vancouver Island, British Columbia based artisan and metal worker building a type of hand played steel percussion instrument commonly referred to as ‘handpan,’ ‘pantam‘ ‘sound sculptures‘, and more…

Jonathan Heaven has studied the art of tuning steel since 2011, and has had the privilege of building top shelf instruments alongside several of the world’s best sound sculpture makers.

If you are interested in obtaining one of Mr. Heaven’s creations, your best bet is to sign up for the Mailing list and answer the questions there, as well as to regularly check out the Unclaimed sculptures page.

There are now hundreds of makers to choose from worldwide, but many professionals and beginners alike pick Heaven Sound due to the particular timbre and tonal quality Jonathan achieves through his unique style. The tonal qualities of his sculptures have been compared by various connoisseurs to that of the coveted 2nd generation Hang (no longer produced by the original Swiss inventors.)