A friend recommended Jon Heaven and I’m so glad they did!

“I had been saving up for my first handpan for years. I knew it was expensive and that I would be in for long waiting lists. I was nervous about ordering over seas for something so valuable and unknown to me. A friend recommended Jon Heaven and I’m so glad they did! He responded to me immediately and walked me through this important, big purchase. My gorgeous drum arrived, well packed and with an awesome backpack case. I am able to work up a sweat hiking the mountains with this beauty on my back. With a chance to play out in nature. The sound seems to dance in the wind as it lifts me up. The quality, the care and detail, is competitively priced for its value. Already saving up for my next one. I know I may be biased as this is the only handpan I have played. Each time I play I cant wait to flow through the sounds medititating my stress away. Thank you Jonathan for making my dreams reality!”

Leia Morris

Outstanding Sculptural Work of Art and Sound

“Greetings Jonathan, I received your outstanding work of art today. You have gone into major depths and  sculpted the physical details that show high end quality of a craftsman who has dedication and spent endless hours offering a magnificent creation. The D Minor Penta drum was very cold (minus 5 outside) from the delivery truck, so as I waited an hour there was a new calming environment in the home as it awaited the touch of its new player. The tone, notes, precise tuning, resonance and sustain are overwhelming. Needless to say playing this creation brings calmness and enjoyment not only for myself but all others that are present. You are an amazing artist!”
Benee Stegner


ジョナサンはハンドパンプレーヤーでもメーカーでもあり、Pantheon steel panのもと確かな修行を積んだ優秀なメーカーの一人で他のメーカーと比べて引けをとりません。 彼の工房もお邪魔しましたが、機材も充実しており素晴らしい環境のもと作成されておりました。 実際使ってみた感想ですが、倍音、ハーモニクス等問題無く、一年以上使ってみて特に問題は見られず、綺麗な音を出し続けています。購入の際は英語のみでのやり取りとなりますが、拙い英語でも一生懸命理解してくれようとしてとてもフレンドリーで接してくれ、オーダーを考えてくれます。

Masayuki Seki

I can tell I love my handpan so far, every day more and more…

“What I can tell about Jonathan’s instruments is they are absolutely awesome! In sustain, sound, feeling playing it and the energy it emanates! I can tell I love my handpan so far, every day more and more. Jonathan was really patient with me while placing my order, and choosing my scale… he didn’t have any available when I met him at his workshop near Victoria on Vancouver Island and offered to make an instrument for me… my logical mind said: how is it that I’m gonna order an instrument from this guy if he has nothing I can hear, feel and play?! But something deeper told me; trust this guy he knows what he is doing… I did it and really my feelings were right! I highly recommend him as a builder, artisan and person… in all aspects he is really a great human being! Thank you bro!!!”

Manu Poder del Sonido

Amazing sound and craftsmanship

“A mutual friend introduced me to Jonathan when I decided that I wanted to learn to play this magical instrument called a handpan and I am so glad I ordered my first pan from him. He suggested a D minor scale based on the sound I was looking for; all I can say is that he was helpful, professional, meticulous and very patient throughout the process.  When I picked it up and heard it for the first time, the sound was exactly what I wanted, I could not have been happier. I highly recommend Jonathan Heaven. His craftsmanship and love of this instrument is apparent in the superior product he delivers. You’re the best 🙂 !”


I have not been able to put it down

“As a music man and instrument maker myself, I began my search for a pan- and for over 6 years I looked for the right maker of these amazing instruments. After meeting a handful of different makers, Jonathan Heaven fell into my sights as he is a long time friend of my partner. After making a specialty order of a D-Minor 10 mutant pan, waiting for him to perfect it, then rushing out to Duncan BC from north of Pemberton BC; my eyes and ears took a ride on the mystical journey of Heaven’s sound. Ever since getting it home I have not been able to put it down. It sings and rings perfectly. Out of all the pans I have played over the years I can say that Heaven’s pans are top notch and well worth it. I give these pans 2 thumbs and 2 big toes up. Oh yah and Jon keep up the good work bro you’re killing it.”

Ras Eirth Kind

I did a lot of research on handpan makers

“I am so glad I ordered from Heaven Sound! I did a lot of research on handpan makers, and Jonathan Heaven came highly recommended. He was responsive, helped me choose a scale, and even showed me pictures of my pan in progress. It felt really good to support a Canadian maker, and the instrument is out of this world!! It has incredible resonance and sustain, and the notes are bright, deep and clear. The carrying case is perfect for transport too. I am totally in love with my new instrument, and play it every morning.”

Emily Hannah-Marie